sábado, 25 de octubre de 2008



- FUTURE with present simple:
When does your english class start tomorrow?
I pick you up tomorrow at six.

- FUTURE with present continous:
She is visiting the doctor this afternoon.
Is he coming today?

-FUTURE with will:
When I get home I will have a rest.
I will give you some chocolate if you do your homework.

- FUTURE with shall:
Shall we go out this evening?
Shall I come in?

- FUTURE with be going to:
I think I am going to have a rest.
I am going to phone the doctor.

- FUTURE with will be doing.
Tomorrow at this time I will be dancing on the beach
If you phone me at six I will be having a bath.

- FUTURE with will have done.
I will have finished my composition by lunch time
If you come at six I will already have finished my english class.

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